Saturday 21 May 2005

Chaos Bonanza.

Do you want to get organized? It seems that most of us don't. We can't even organize ourselves to get started.
Since I started using "Time & Chaos", things have been a lot easier for me. This is a contact and information software package, that you can download and try for free. I have used it for five years and it has become a central portion of my day. It just makes life so much easier.
Such is my belief in the power of the program to be helpful, that I have become evangelical in promoting it and other Chaos Software packages.
But despite all my efforts to promote it to friends and family, I have only managed to find three converts. The rest are missing out on a good thing!
If you, dear reader would like to give the package a try: - just click here.

Apparently there are close to 800,000 users of "Time & Chaos". To my delight I have now found "Forum Chaos", where like minded fans exchange ideas and tips. Started only this year, it still has less than 60 members, but I am enjoying it in a way that only adherents can! visit here.


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