Thursday 26 May 2005

Tea and Cricket.

Yesterday afternoon we went to see Wellington School Team 11B play King's Hall in Taunton. It was all a day out should be. Fine weather. Glorious rolling countryside. Watchable game and a very fine tea.

The best thing about the game was the spirit in which it was played. Both teams were keen, but it was obvious that winning or losing were not too important. Perhaps the tea was the thing that mattered.

Wellington were all out for 48 runs,. King's Hall achieved 49 for the loss of two wickets - a comfortable win.
But good on the umpires! - they encouraged everybody to try batting and bowling. They spent time to help these newish cricketers and made them all feel part of a fine afternoon's sport.

Off field converations amongst team members were priceless. When a King's Mum offered her team packets of Maltesers, the sound of 9 Malteser packets being opened, was a distraction almost too far for the Wellington team in action on the field! A secret weapon perhaps?


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