Thursday 30 June 2005

Bird Bag Lady

She is over 70, looks respectable and she knows that what she is doing is against the law. Ok, her crime is not great - she feeds the birds.
Here in this seaside town, Seagulls are so used to being fed, that they often attack people holding and eating food. Pigeons mass and mess the town buildings. The edict has gone out. Do not feed the birds.
The "Bird Bag Lady" knows this. That is why she gets up early each morning to drive her green Nissan Micra to the Town Car Park, where she feeds the hoard of pigeons that wait for her. Then to the sea front gardens, to feed the seagulls. Lastly, she goes to Tesco, where another crowd of gulls know she is coming. She walks across the car park, trailing more bread from a hidden bag and then into the supermarket, to buy bread for the next day's round of feeding.
Sad or happy? I would not presume to know. It goes on daily. Oh yes - you can even see her on the Exmouth Webcam at about 7am.


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