Thursday 9 June 2005

The Power of Innuendo.

We are so used to not quite believing everything that people say, that we have almost gone to the extreme of believing the opposite of what they say.
If you think I am exaggerating, just try telling a falsehood by prefacing it in a serious voice with the words "there is absolutely no truth in the rumour that..." The rumour will then spread like wildfire.
The other day someone was telling me about their child winning a gold medal for maths. They asked me if our son had won a medal. In replying that maths was one thing that he did not excel in, I managed to imply that in all other subjects he was a genius!
How does this sound? "I sped down the road in my blue opalescent convertible with the hood down." Did you understand that I ran down the road with my blue plastic raincoat open and the hood down?
The possibilities for misinformation are boundless.


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