Friday 3 June 2005

Public Servant Interest.

Throughout history there have always been cases where those who hold public office look after themselves first. We fondly assume that such persons are in a minority and we always hope that most people holding office are honest.
Despite this, we do get insights of some murky doings, where some public servants display an unseemly interest in advancing their own personal causes.
Amongst politicians the names Aitkin, Mandelson and Blunkett spring easily to mind. In each case, we are far from sure how much indirect influence they have asserted.
Even in local politics, there are examples which leave us wondering whether individual cases are totally impartial. If for example a councillor is developing his of her own property and is on the planning committee, this is not illegal. They take no part in the deliberations pertaining to their own planning application. It is however, far from ideal. We are left wondering about indirect fraternal bias.


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