Saturday 12 January 2008

Shoes In The Changing Room.

As a completely uncertified student of primates in their human form, I have been studying the correlation between age and how you place your shoes in the gym changing room. So far I have only been allowed my field study in the men's changing room, so my findings are inconclusive.

For the sake of brevity; and because this is a blog and your eyes are already glazing, this is an outline of my findings: -

  1. Age: 5-10 Will kick shoes off and leave where they fall. May be collected by attendant adult, but don't count on it.
  2. Age: 10-15 Generally wear trainers of the less than exclusive kind, if their parents can get away with it. Left untidily on the floor in no particular order.
  3. Age: 16-25 Now seem to use more expensive trainers. Perhaps this explains why they are often placed with care on the bench seats, despite notices not to do so. Some still use trainers with Velcro fasteners, but this is not definite proof that they still have not learnt to tie laces.
  4. Age: 26-50 The trend now moves to working shoes. Leathers for office and Camel Style boots for the outdoor trades. These are back on the floor, but not tidy.
  5. Age: 50-70 Still use office shoes if they are not worn out. Otherwise; deck shoes, sandals or loafers. These are placed neatly and primly together under the bench.
  6. Age: 70+ Back to kick off and leave. They don't call it "second childhood" without reason.

Let's face it with a study like this, I should be certified.


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