Friday 29 May 2009

Singapore Curry.

My wife makes a wonderful curry. She blends and grinds all her own spices. The result is second to none and we constantly request her to make it.
But today it is I who am cooking; and I'm doing a cheat by using a Prima Taste pre-mix. Luckily, the result was completely acceptable and authentically tasty. We had to use all the extra chilli to make it spicy enough for our taste and rather less liquid than the makers recommended. The curry was quick and easy to prepare and was enough to feed four people.
As you can obtain this product in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia; as well as in Asia, I feel that the result merits a free plug.


At 17:32 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Spondoolix, I was sent here by your link on Zebtoonz thread at talkgraphics. This is a nice blog - shame there isn't more.
I thought you might be interested in this link at the bottom of this message to a website that delivers indian spices, jars of sauces, fresh vegetables and fruit and lots of other goodies including tandoori ovens, plus recipes. I live in Spain where it is very difficult to find anything like this. Their service is first rate, helpful and friendly.

LINK: Spices Of India:

Best regards,
Bob Taylor (iamtheblues).

At 20:01 , Blogger TJB said...


Thanks for your tip and comments. I will certainly give these good people a try.

Some more blog entries can be viewed from the archives on page right.


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