Friday 29 October 2010

Wall to Wall Foxes.

The first time I saw a fox mincing along our garden wall, I did not believe my eyes. My surprise was so great, that I considered reducing the strength of my daily gin and tonic - or cutting it out altogether.
Now, this wall is quite high, about twelve feet to be exact. The foxes jump on where the wall is lower, in my neighbour's garden. It is about five feet high at the lowest end. They then walk along the top of the wall , just as nimbly as a cat would and then jump into our patch.
The problem now is, that having made our garden fence secure, in order to keep the badgers from getting in, (see previous post,) the foxes are finding it hard to get out.
There is a lot of digging on both sides of the fence, as the two species try to find their own route. It will be an animal super highway before they have finished.
Wisdom has it that it is never a good idea to do battle with nature, but that seldom deters mankind from enjoining the fray.

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