Thursday 11 April 2013

Don't Stone The Crows.

When a raucous and unruly gang of Carrion Crows gather in the garden at the crack of  dawn each morning, to unleash a jarring and loud cacophony of their version of "song", I am reminded, (actually I never forgot,) of just why these birds are no favourites of mine.
There is however, a reason why I do not berate them for their lack of melody and why I do nothing to deter them. These crows do not like their cousins the Magpies and I agree with them in that.
Both types of birds are omnivorous, but the Magpies are voracious nest robbers, whilst the Crows, though egg eaters, are less of a danger to other birds in this respect. You only have to witness Magpies attacking and eating young nestlings a few times, to find yourself beginning to dislike them. They may only be doing what comes naturally to them to fend for themselves, but I would rather that they wouldn't do it in my sight.
Now, when Carrion Crows are in the area, they do not tolerate the presence of the Magpies and because the Crows are bigger and stronger, the latter tend to keep out of their way and this helps to reduce the number of songbird nests that get destroyed in the garden.
Last year it so happened that a pair of Magpies built their domed twig nest in a nearby tree and the female laid a clutch of eggs. One morning about six crows flew in from all points of the compass. Some of them distracted the breeding pair, whilst the others gained access to the nest and breakfasted on the eggs.
Call me a unfeeling ghoul, but I was quite happy with that result. 

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