Saturday 31 August 2013

Famous Today - Prosecution Tomorrow.

Following the Jimmy Saville case, a number of entertainers who were teen idols in the sixties and seventies, have been arrested and accused of indecent assault and even rape of under aged girls. Of course there is no excuse for this in the eyes of the law, or indeed at all for the truly innocent; but it is certainly a fact that many girl fans who were a shade under the legal age limit, were determined to get laid by the celebrities of their dreams, or by anybody who was famous, especially if they played rock music. They were a part of the sixties generation in which many people believed that was what you did if you had the opportunity.
Now, all these years later, some of these self same stars from the days of yore, are been hauled into the courts by some of their willing victims, who with maturity, have come to conclusion that they were taken advantage of. No wonder the old codgers look so bemused as they face judgement day here on earth, at an age when many of them will soon be shuffling off for an even higher court of celestial reckoning.
Recently a popular group of famous boy-band stars, "One Direction," attended the premier of their new film in London. Thousands of enraptured girl fans, most of them in their early teens, waited to welcome their idols. They all seemed incredibly keen to draw attention to themselves and display just how deep and sincere their worship was.

One couldn't help but wonder just how far they would go with one of their heroes, given the opportunity and some encouragement. But perhaps we need not worry. Many of the placards these girls displayed said "Marry Me" instead of "Sleep With Me." Perhaps the decencies are being preserved. 


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