Monday 11 August 2014


These days it is not the norm to wear swimming trunks and most chaps wear long shorts with flowery patterns on them, in a style thought to vaguely resemble Hawaiian surfing toggery.

But for me, the extra effort of dragging all that material weight through the water when going for a swim, is something I would prefer not to do.

The problem is, that it is now difficult to find suitable swimming trunks in the shops and it is even harder to find trunks that fit.

Not long ago, I bought a large pair, after reading that this waist size suited my measurements. Unfortunately, these were too large and if I was not careful, there was a danger of my coconuts dropping out of a leg hole.

Undaunted, I then bought a medium pair of a similar design. Alas, these were too small, to a degree which encouraged the aforementioned coconuts, to retract into the abdominal cavity.

Why is it so hard to find a suitable fit? I blame it on the trend for generalised sizing. If you are not exactly in the middle of a small, medium, large or extra large pattern, you are forced into a fringe fitting, barely suitable for your needs.


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