Tuesday 17 March 2015

A Bird For Britain.

Who are you voting for in the election? No, not the General Election, but the parallel one, being run to select a bird of the wild ornithological kind, as a symbol with which to represent Britain.

This kind of pigeon-holing, (excuse the pun,) is not the kind of thing the British normally go in for. We tend to regard such things as being the preserve of new nations, as they search for an image to project their identity.

It has been pointed out, that the French rugby team proudly wears their cock emblem on their kit. Well, the England team display the rose. Why should they need a bird as well?

If we have to have a national bird, why stop at that? Could we have a national insect too? And how about a national animal, fish and invertebrate. The list and elections could go on a long time.

Although I will not be voting, I found the selected bird candidates intriguing. It was surprising that Carrion Crow did not make it to the short-list.


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