Friday 27 May 2005

Last Instructions at King's Hall. Posted by Hello

Thursday 26 May 2005

Tea and Cricket.

Yesterday afternoon we went to see Wellington School Team 11B play King's Hall in Taunton. It was all a day out should be. Fine weather. Glorious rolling countryside. Watchable game and a very fine tea.

The best thing about the game was the spirit in which it was played. Both teams were keen, but it was obvious that winning or losing were not too important. Perhaps the tea was the thing that mattered.

Wellington were all out for 48 runs,. King's Hall achieved 49 for the loss of two wickets - a comfortable win.
But good on the umpires! - they encouraged everybody to try batting and bowling. They spent time to help these newish cricketers and made them all feel part of a fine afternoon's sport.

Off field converations amongst team members were priceless. When a King's Mum offered her team packets of Maltesers, the sound of 9 Malteser packets being opened, was a distraction almost too far for the Wellington team in action on the field! A secret weapon perhaps?

Tuesday 24 May 2005

Seletar Reservoir - Singapore 1975

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Monday 23 May 2005

Outmoded and Outdated.

As each day passes, I realize that my way of thinking is totally unsuited for life in modern Britain.
I seem to have unfashionable ideas about the way the country should be run and what is important. I am like Damper is the Daily Mail comic strip; although Damper is more reasonable than I am.
Little things set me off. For example:- when you get radio and TV adverts advising you that a new recording has been released of a song or some music, why does the voice-over have to add "Out Now"? If they leave that out, are people incapable of understanding that the item is on sale? Perhaps the well paid advertising executives have completely run out of ideas. Must be money for jam.

Sunday 22 May 2005

Speed Soccer.

Yesterday I tuned in to the last few minutes of the F.A. Soccer Cup Final on TV.
As I waited for the news, it occurred to me that it would be wonderful if all soccer matches could be decided by the type of goal shoot out that we witnessed. Five shots at goal for each side. Winner take all.

Just think of the advantages: -
  • Recovery of many prime time television slots - though not much to fill them with.
  • No requirement for large football pitches.
  • Faster games.
  • Huge savings on players wages. Teams would only have to employ a striker and a goal keeper. Perhaps one man could be employed to do both, if the Unions would allow it.
  • Less newspaper coverage of the subject, therefore more forests saved.
  • Teams would be less likely to hold nightclub raves. Just a quiet drink for two instead.

I'm sure there must be many more advantages. Can you think of any?

Saturday 21 May 2005

Chaos Bonanza.

Do you want to get organized? It seems that most of us don't. We can't even organize ourselves to get started.
Since I started using "Time & Chaos", things have been a lot easier for me. This is a contact and information software package, that you can download and try for free. I have used it for five years and it has become a central portion of my day. It just makes life so much easier.
Such is my belief in the power of the program to be helpful, that I have become evangelical in promoting it and other Chaos Software packages.
But despite all my efforts to promote it to friends and family, I have only managed to find three converts. The rest are missing out on a good thing!
If you, dear reader would like to give the package a try: - just click here.

Apparently there are close to 800,000 users of "Time & Chaos". To my delight I have now found "Forum Chaos", where like minded fans exchange ideas and tips. Started only this year, it still has less than 60 members, but I am enjoying it in a way that only adherents can! visit here.

Friday 20 May 2005

Why this web log?

I did not really intend to open a web log. There are already millions. Who ever is going to read it? - Well there is me.
So why am I doing it?
It it all started when this week, CoffeeCup, whose software I like, introduced a Flash Blogger to their range. I tried it out, prepared to be impressed. It was easy to use, but had only basic functions and was troublesome to save and upload. It was also going to cost. I remembered that blogs were done here by my brother's sons and so I looked here and was impressed.
So I thought why not. At least I get to view my own petty notes and have sounding board for my views, no matter how inconsequential they are.