Thursday 28 July 2005

My Identikit.

Someone Emailed me the other day to say that some of my written words were "caustic" and wondered what kind of person could write them.
So here is a picture that represents who I am - on a better day!

Tuesday 26 July 2005

Bird Bag Lady (2)

I'm not suggesting that the "Bird Bag Lady" - (see below), reads this Web Log, but the fact remains that she has recently changed her car. She now drives a new red car, make as yet undetermined. All other details remain the same.

Monday 25 July 2005

Saint in the Shower.

Summer is a good season for some light reading. I have been going through some of the old "Saint" stories, which were all the rage when I was a boy. They still are escapist and amusing, but do not seem so real, given the passage of years.
The "Saint" was always an original smoothie. When disturbed at night by the baddies, he often had time for a shower before knocking them to pieces. I have always suspected that Leslie Charteris, the author, intended to have a bit of fun at our expense. He made the "Saint" have and enjoy ice cold showers. I never fell into the trap of trying to copy this fad, even when I was a fan.

Sunday 24 July 2005

Wood Stack

Sunday 17 July 2005

Spoiling Switzerland.

Switzerland - mountains, lakes, picturesque countryside and Graffiti.
Alas, the blight is spreading. It is three years since our last visit, but in that time, the sprawl of Graffiti tags has spread. They seem to follow the railway lines. Graffiti is dense in the cities of Zurich, Geneva and Berne, but it also manages to spread alongside the tracks far out into the countryside. The mountain railways are not badly infected as yet.They soon will be. What is it that inspires these daubs? Artistic or ugly? I know which gets my vote.