Monday 31 October 2005

A Load of Bullock

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Monday 24 October 2005

Fire Lady

Saturday 22 October 2005

Singapore - 1966

Saturday 15 October 2005


There are so many things to write about, both important and trivial. But what is the point? One Blog is written every second. Whoever gets to read them? I suppose that people send links to their friends and relations, but that is really akin to spam. Interest wanes inevitably.
However, words need an outlet. Sometimes something meaningful is written.
(But not today!)

Thursday 6 October 2005

Animal sensitivities.

There really has been a lot of hot air and pig headedness spouted about articles depicting certain animals, such as cows and pigs, being banned from public display because of religious sensitivities. We live in a world where these things exist. It is ridiculous to undermine basic freedoms in order to appease anybody. The whole notion is divisive.
I did not like being called a MCP not many years ago, but it didn't stop me wearing the tie!

Sunday 2 October 2005

Hole in the page.

Regular readers of our Web Site, (yes that's you Dad!) will have noticed that there is a hole in our "News" page where "Recent Entries" should be. This due to a software update from the maker of that part of the program, which has now made it impossible to upload the required files. I expect it will take time to fix. Await more news with bated breath!!