Friday 20 April 2007

Song Thrush Saga.

Last year a male Song Thrush came to our garden. It sang for two days and then it was attacked and eaten by a Sparrow Hawk. For the rest of the year we did not see another in our locality.

This year another has been singing in the tree-tops for the last twelve days. It sounds desperate to find a mate, but a female Song Thrush has yet to be seen.

All that singing must be hard work. It is vital that it succeeds. With hardly a break to feed, it pours out loud liquid music and searches the sky in vain.

Tuesday 17 April 2007

A Rubbish Decision.

In Singapore our garbage was collected daily. Result - Not much litter, no bad smells, control of vermin and insects and a clean, tidy city in which to live.

Monday morning in Exmouth, before our once-a-week garbage collection. Bins are overflowing. Refuse sacks have been opened by seagulls and foxes. Litter is everywhere and wastepaper drifts like "tumbleweed" on the wind. Britain is grubby and unclean. Our standards are low.

Fear not - plans are afoot. The Local Authority, (with Government connivance,) are considering reducing the collection of garbage to once every two weeks. This is despite the fact that Council Tax has been raised again to cover the cost of services. We lack the political will to organize things efficiently, but we like to shout "Progress!" while we retrogress.

Monday 16 April 2007

Home Made Sushi

Our home catering department has come up with some adventurous dishes over the years. They have trumped themselves this week by making some marvelous sushi. The taste was really authentic. Many thanks for the memory!