Saturday 18 August 2007


Have you noticed that most reports of ghosts describe distinctly old historical characters?
Presumably, modern ghosts are still in the making.
A headless horseman is one thing; a headless Ford Mondeo driver is quite another.

Tuesday 14 August 2007


In the dream I was in China and had been arrested by the Red Guards.
They told me that they would put me in a cable car and transport me up into the mountains, before dropping me into a gorge.
I asked to telephone my wife to advise her of my final departure. They agreed.
I made the contact and told my wife that I would not be coming home - ever.
She said " You have to come home, because there is a strange man in the house."
"Great," I thought, "I'm not even dead yet and already there is another man at home."
"Who is that man?" I demanded.
"Michael Jackson," came the reply.
I woke up with a start.