Friday 28 September 2007


In her work at the hospital, my wife sometimes has the job of laying out and dressing the dead.

She is philosophical about what is an unpleasant duty. She takes it all in her stride.

However, at home things have taken an uncomfortable turn. If I spend too much time inert and inactive on the couch, I am in danger of being wrapped up in bandages.

Wednesday 26 September 2007

Pecking Order

In the days when an earth closet in the backyard shed, served as a toilet, my Grandfather complained privately to my Grandmother, that when he had sat down to accomplish large affairs, he had experienced a pain in the scrotum.
No other members of this family, consisting of women and a young man, had a similar experience.
In due course, it was discovered that a hen had made a nest on a ledge behind the thunderbox. Grandfather, suffering the effects of age and gravity, was the only one to fall within the range of the sitting bird.

Sunday 16 September 2007

Humans are Inhumane.

Human vanity has led us believe, that when one person kills another, it is something alien to our nature. We have therefore coined the word "Inhumane" to suggest that this unpleasant act, is but a social aberration.
However, when we scan the history of mankind from the earliest known beginnings until today,
we can see clearly, that humans have always killed one another in large numbers; and that they continue to do so.
It would appear that is actually inhumane not to kill other people. The dictionary reference should be amended.

Friday 14 September 2007


Last night I saw a young fox cub minding it's own business and eating our windfall apples.
While it was doing this, it was suddenly attacked by the Ginger Tom from next door,
The fox did not retaliate, but moved to another tree to eat some more apples.
The cat took off across the wall. It was a strange interlude.

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