Friday 8 February 2008

What the blazes....?!

This afternoon, our neighbours were having a bonfire. They have been persistent in having them, despite complaints from other neighbours and being contacted by the District Council.
I overcame my British reticence to complain and mounted a ladder on our wall, to take issue with the producer of this loathsome pall of smoke. I half expected to come face to face with some partially educated oik, but what I found, was an obviously educated middle aged lady, who was determined to have a bonfire rather than make the requisite number of trips to the tip. I made my feelings clear in as polite manner as possible; and returned to my smoke filled abode.
If people like that lady, can be so self interested, completely disregarding the effect of their actions on others, then there is no hope for British society in general. It is doomed to return to more primitive levels of behavior; not that levels are particularly sophisticated even now.