Monday 26 January 2009

100 Tears Fall.

I have just learnt, that because the wall mentioned below, was old, decaying and loosely constructed of stone, bricks and mortar, I will not be able to claim on my insurance policy to rebuild it.

The rebuild price is likely to be steeper that the original height of the wall. The timber garage will also not be covered.

The rain falls and it feels like a black day. 

Wednesday 21 January 2009

100 Years Wall.



For well over 100 years it stood over 12 feet tall, looking down on a garden that changed as the century changed.

To start with the big house had vegetables planted nearby and glass houses all along the wall ,sheltered exotic fruit and vines.

In more recent times the old estate was broken up and the wall looked down on domestic lawns and a timber garage.

During the recent gales, a gust of wind, stronger than 60 knots, signaled its collapse. In just a few seconds some 20 tons of brick and stonework collapsed along a 60 foot length and crushed everything in its path.