Friday 11 September 2009

Gym Slips (5)

An overweight young chap was exercising in the gym this morning. He does not wear socks and is famous for foot odour. As he squelched his way through 40 minutes of cross trainer motion, his feet emitted little puffs of pong-laden dingleberries. It was like those adverts for sprays of aerosol toilet air fresheners, but with a reverse effect.
I'm not normally fastidious about smells, but this was too prime for me. I just could not stay in the vicinity and everyone else also moved away. The smell of that famous rotting fungus is nothing compared to the sickening stench of his feet.
We would all benefit if he could be told about this. It is not that we are craven cowards, but rather that none of us can get near enough to deliver advice on foot hygiene.



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