Saturday 3 April 2010

What Price A Hat?

Requiring a hat, I liked the idea of a hat pedigree, just to encourage me to wear it. The idea behind the hat needed to be of interest. James Lock and Co. was founded in 1676 and they are still selling hats from their shop at 6 St. James's Street in London.
When I asked the sales assistant to give me a reason why I should buy one of their expensive hats, instead of paying 5 clicks at the local market, she did not take the easy route of mentioning past satisfied customers such as: - Nelson, Wellington, Beau Brummell; not to mention numerous members of the Royal Family, past and present, who had been crowned again by Locks; no - she said that her Dad had two pairs and that they were made and wore well, lasted an age and that he loved them.
The pictured hat was given to me for my birthday. When I wear it, I am now part of of a long history of Lock's customers, going back for over 300 years. I suspect that the label cost more than the hat itself, but there you go!
If the hat fits wear it. I do. Underneath it I am the same old lump as ever, but at least I'm covered and I'm satisfied.