Tuesday 30 August 2011

Taste Beats Good Manners.

The landing ship was at sea on a naval exercise. The Captain and the Second Engineer were both late for lunch and were the only people at the top table. Both started with soup and when the Second Engineer was ready for the next course, a steward brought a salver upon which were two pork cutlets.
One was large and succulent; the other was small and burnt along the edges.
Without hesitation, the engineer helped himself to the largest chop.
Moments later the Captain was ready for his meat and he had to accept the remaining dry and wizened offering.
There was silence for a while as both men addressed their food. Then the Captain spoke: -
" I didn't think that was very nice Mr. Owen."
"It is very nice I can assure you Sir," came the reply.
"I mean, that I was surprised that you took the largest chop."
"If you had been in my position, which one would you have taken?" asked the Second.
"The small one of course," growled the Captain.
"Well Sir, that's the one you've got!" relished the engineer, licking his chops in all ways possible.


Tuesday 16 August 2011

Summer Snow.

This is a panorama made up from four photographs stitched together. It depicts the Allalin Mountains in the Swiss Alps. The pictures were taken in July.
If you click the photograph itself, a larger view is displayed.