Sunday 12 May 2013

Getting a Tattoo.

Reasons for : -
  • You want one.
  • You are in a gang.
  • You are into self-mutilation.
  • You are covering a blemish.
  • Celebrities have them. 
  • Many people are getting them.
  • It is trendy.
  • You are superstitious.
  • It will improve your luck.
  • It is in memory of someone special.
  • It is to impress someone special.
  • A statement of love.
  • It is to show freedom of expression.
  • It seemed a good idea when you were drunk.
  • You have a rebellious streak.
  • You believe that it makes you look more interesting.
  • No longer just for seaman, prisoners, prostitutes and bikers.
  • You have money to burn.
  • It might be fun.
  • You like the design.
  • For religious or spiritual reasons.
  • You want to be unique.
  • Mistake, but you're stuck with it.
  • As an aid to identifying your body.
Reasons against : -
  • You like the way you are and are comfortable in your own skin.
  • Future employers don't like to see ink.
  • Puncturing the skin can be dangerous medically.
  • You may get an allergic reaction.
  • Without laser treatment tattoos are permanent. 
  • Your tastes will probably change as you age.
  • Future partners may not be appreciative. 
  • If you like a design, it would be safer to have it as a picture.
  • Your closest relations are likely to have severe reservations.
  • The "Reasons For" have many negative connotations.
  • It is unnatural. 
  • You will immediately split opinions among those who know.