Sunday 25 August 2013

Lardies In The Gym. (Gym Slips 9)

Enorma and Tubitha (not their real names,) are large ladies in that peculiarly British fashion. They are about 40 years old, but somewhere in the lost decade since they were thirty, things have gone badly out of control and their body size has ballooned, until they both resemble huge roly-poly silk worm cocoons, complete with external bingo-wing appendages. This of course, is not a healthy state of affairs and it is to their credit that they have decided to do something about it.
That something is a spot of hard exercise in the gym. This is day one and undaunted they are struggling to mount the treadmills.
Editor's note: I was going to continue this sketch with some panted dialogue between these new exercisers, but unfortunately they stopped coming to the gym. That was a pity, because they talked a lot about someone called  "Skelly," who was it seems, very slim and was therefore a person that they loved to find fault with. It was also a pity because their good intentions apparently vanished.



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