Saturday 2 November 2013

Household Waste.

A report which featured in the newspapers the other day, claimed that an average family in the UK wasted and threw away almost £500 worth of food each year.
Just how do they come up with such a number? Obviously a limited survey has to be undertaken, but how realistic are the conclusions reached? If a family is really throwing away about £9.60 worth of food a week, is it at all likely that they have not noticed the deficit and made a suitable correction to their weekly shopping budget, especially as the recession has disadvantaged the standard of living of many people?
In our own case, all I can remember throwing away this year, was a packet of raspberries (£2.00) and an egg which was found to be bad. I just do not believe those figures represent family wastage. It is far more likely that the figure takes into account disposal of unwanted food from professional catering establishments and perhaps even spoilage in the retail trade.