Sunday 21 September 2014

Ignoring The Rules. (Gym Slips 13)

A Dad and his two small sons were in the swimming pool early today. They were hotel guests and it was immediately obvious, that the father was of the opinion that his two children could do what ever they liked and that the clearly posted rules did not apply to him or his.

However, when one small lad went into the jacuzzi, one brave lady swimmer, told him that as he was under 14 years old, he was not allowed to do that. The father made a lot of noise about it, but she stuck firmly to her guns and said emphatically that "Rules were rules," and that they were there because of health and safety regulations.

The two small boys then started dive bomb jumping into the pool, splashing and discomforting another middle aged lady swimmer. She also told them this too was against the rules.

This was too much for the father, who let loose a tirade about how jumping into the pool was not mentioned in the rules, even though it was mentioned clearly on the nearby list in big letters. He was so angry, that I thought for a moment he was going to lash out. Luckily, one of the members of staff, arrived and also told the boys that jumping was prohibited.

I was really impressed with the two ladies who stuck up for what is right; no easy task in these days, when many people seem unable to be corrected without returning abuse and even violence. The incident did however, put paid to any enjoyment of their morning swim.

The man in question was teaching his children, that rules are meant to be ignored or bent and in doing so he was helping to propagate the trend towards a bent society. 



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