Thursday 28 November 2019

Business Class.

It has been a while since taking business class flights was part of the way that I travel. I haven't particularly missed it, or consciously even thought about it.

But recently, in my retired old age, it has cropped up in my thinking again. Just before I settle down for an afternoon nap in the cool of the reading room, I like to imagine that I am relaxing in a comfortable seat and that it will not be long before cocktails and a delectable meal will be served. 

Somehow this charade hastens a contented snooze. Upon awakening, afternoon tea and biscuits quickly brings a dose of reality. I come back to earth.

At least at home there is always plenty of leg room.

Noise Cancelling Headphones.

It has been made plain to me, that I am even less competent in understanding the complexities of modern technology than I had thought; and that is saying something.

In my innocence, I have been trying to source a pair of noise cancelling headphones, in the mistaken notion that when you wore them, they cancelled external noises and created a haven of peaceful silence within.

What I had not appreciated, was the fact that they create an internal cacophony of their own, as you have to use them to play some sounds of your choosing.

Sounds like a regime for future hearing problems.

Thursday 7 November 2019

Mosquito Bites.

It may be true that there is no evidence to prove that Tea Tree Oil acts as a deterrent for mosquitoes, but my experience is, that if the oil is applied to a mosquito bite, it is immediately soothed.

An application on a bite in the morning and another at night, helps to suppress the itch and the urge to scratch. The oil also helps to speed up the healing process.