Monday 27 February 2006

Blowing your own.

In Australia they call it "blowing". Of course it means boasting. What is it in our animal makeup which makes us do it?
  • The need to quickly inform strangers of our status?
  • Some feeling of inadequacy?
  • A lack of self worth or appreciation?
  • Wishing to be thought of as a peer or an equal.
  • A craving for group recognition.

It is not an attractive trait, but after all we are animals.

Thursday 9 February 2006

Chelsea Footballers.

Yesterday morning I worked out in the gym with two well known players from Chelsea Football Club. They were not intimidated by my routine, as I gently exercised elderly limbs. They followed a slightly more hectic exercise regime of their own.
They did not show off. They were quiet, considerate and had good gym etiquette. If more players displayed these same qualities on the pitch, football might eventually be accepted as serious sport.

Thursday 2 February 2006

Blarney Stone

It is said that if you have kissed the "Blarney Stone", you can acquire the gift of eloquence - the gift of the gab.
This ancient stone can be found high on the outside of the battlements of Blarney Castle, near Cork in Ireland. To kiss the stone, you have to get someone to hold your legs, so that you hang down far enough to smooch. I did this in 1977. An attendant held my legs. As I was hanging, he blithely informed me, that people had in the past slipped and fallen to their deaths. Oh! and he had forgotten to tell me that it would cost £10 for him to hold me! Did I agree? I did - but I didn't feel much like talking for a long while after that.