Saturday 22 April 2006

Still Alive.

A few years ago I was standing behind a smart looking elderly lady in a queue at the Post Office. I gave her a cheery greeting. This was a mistake, as it opened the door for a conversation. She told me a long and rambling story about how her son and daughter-in-law were out to kill her. Poison was the method they had chosen.

This week I saw her again in town. I overheard her telling someone that her family were trying to poison her. I suspect that she is deluded. Either that, or the poison is extremely weak.

Monday 3 April 2006

Sushi anyone?

We often read about the habit that some people display of picking their noses whilst sitting in their cars. They seem oblivious of the watchful eyes of other motorists nearby.

I know someone who had his finger cut off in an accident. When he plays the nose fishing game, it looks as though his finger has gone up the nose to the knuckle.

He has astonished many a horrified spectator with this gruesome charade.