Tuesday 24 March 2009

On The Strut.


The only pheasant that we have managed to kill, was knocked over by our car. It provided some very good eating and as road-kill goes, it was a lot easier to prepare than say, hedgehog.
I was surprised to see this cock pheasant strutting round our garden this morning. Unfortunately, I was unable to get our weapon out of the garage and on to the lawn.

Fat Ball and Fat Ball.


A Change Of Spirits.

Until it got to be so expensive, I used to use gin for after-shave.

These days, I contemplate using after-shave for gin.

Sunday 22 March 2009

More Gold.


Saturday 21 March 2009

Love That Niger.

Recently there has been a string of letters in the newspapers, about how Goldfinches love Niger seeds. Once they are offered at a feeding site, they are quickly discovered and devoured, ( the seeds that is.)

We did our own test. Goldfinches to not usually visit our offerings, but once Niger seeds were available, it took a pair of Goldfinches only five days to find them.

In some of the reported cases, these birds took only hours to arrive. In any event, the theory is substantiated.


Friday 20 March 2009

Gym Slips (2).

I envy those people who are able to run on a treadmill and listen to music on their iPod at the same time.
Alas, having been subjected to constant media suggestions that males are too stupid to do two things at the same time, or "Multi-Task" as they call it, I have never got round to attempting it.
As I don't have an iPod, the best I can do is walk gently on the track.


Tuesday 17 March 2009

Gym Slips (1).

Of late, a number of ladies have entered the gents changing room at our gym.
They always say - "Ooops, sorry!" They avow that it was a mistake on their part.
I believe it fair to say, that the men using the changing room, have been slightly more nervous than usual. They look visibly worried each time the door opens.
Last week our oldest member, ( both literally and physically,) took drastic action.
He dropped his towel before an intruder and in a voice that implied a challenge, intoned -
"I bet you've seen a lot worse in your time!"
Space transgressions have dramatically declined.


Sunday 8 March 2009

Wall Repairs.

repairs 3


I am unable to pretend that there has been a clamour amongst my readership to find out how we got on with filling the void left by the recently departed wall. But for my own record; and for the sake of completeness, the above photographs depict the result.

A cheaper alternative, as perhaps you can appreciate.