Friday 29 May 2009

Singapore Curry.

My wife makes a wonderful curry. She blends and grinds all her own spices. The result is second to none and we constantly request her to make it.
But today it is I who am cooking; and I'm doing a cheat by using a Prima Taste pre-mix. Luckily, the result was completely acceptable and authentically tasty. We had to use all the extra chilli to make it spicy enough for our taste and rather less liquid than the makers recommended. The curry was quick and easy to prepare and was enough to feed four people.
As you can obtain this product in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia; as well as in Asia, I feel that the result merits a free plug.

Sunday 17 May 2009

Clear Out The Clowns.


In recent years, British public respect for Members of Parliament has been extremely low. Mainly, this is because so few of them were able to freely act on behalf of their constituents. Most of them being automations in their party machines.

With the revelations in the current expenses scandal, we find out the extent of their venal self interest in charging the public purse for practically anything you can think of.

What on earth do MP's spend their salary on, for pity's sake!

The electorate are justifiably angry. We must ensure that we stay angry until the next election and have a clear out. If it were possible for us all to vote in a completely new parliament of independent MP's, I wonder what sort of Government would emerge?

Saturday 9 May 2009

Gym Slips (3)

In the changing room we were trying to match unknown employment to known faces.
We got Commando right and also Accountant.
Our "Architect" was in fact a Doctor; our "Farmer" a Policeman.
For me, they guessed Vicar.
Mild and good hearted?
You just never can tell from a face.