Saturday 25 April 2015

A Fan - (Gym Sips 16)

It was hot in the gym today and a chap on one of the exercise bikes, had disabled the ceiling fan swing, so that all the cool air was directed at him.

Arriving on the next cycle, I asked whether we could share the fan.

He indicated, (not at all politely,) that he did not wish to share.

I said "OK" and directed the fan fully at myself.

He looked bewildered and annoyed, but said nothing.

How cool was I.


Sunday 19 April 2015

Learner Lovers.

Enthusiastic and youthful learner drivers, who may have passed their test, but who are not nearly as proficient as they fondly believe, pay a premium for their insurance as they are regarded as a poor risk. The statistics prove that this group of drivers suffer a disproportionate number of crashes.

It is equally understood, that young learner lovers are also unduly at risk, as testosterone and the pressure of the genes for procreation at any cost, produce a reckless feeling of certainty and invulnerability. 

We all have to go through the phases and if care is not taken, some of us get injured along the way.